Tū Manawa Funding

Tū Manawa Funding

We are super sideways excited that our Auckland regional application for Tū Manawa/Sport NZ funding was successful!  Yip you heard right, and that means we can now offer a very unique and playful Junky Monkeys experience for FREE to lower decile schools and kuras in the lovely Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland) region during morning tea and lunch break times. (insert fist punches and loud Loose Parts chanting here!)

If your school/kura was included in this application round, you will have received an email with a booking code.  Please click here to enter your code and book your visit… or keep reading for more information about the programme and how you can apply for future funding rounds.

You will need a booking code to access this form.

Junky Monkeys Break Time Programme

Have you watched that infamous Play Pods video and thought how much you would like to make loose parts play a reality at your school or kura? Then this is the perfect taster session where you can see, touch and play with a vast array of small and large loose parts. Spark your imagination of how loose parts play could grow your PLAY-BASED LEARNING, STEM, or ENVIRO schools programmes. Learn new skills and feel supported in managing safe and respectful loose parts play so that it can continue to grow and become a sustainable programme at your school or kura. 

Who is this programme for?

  • Schools decile 4 and below 
  • Schools and kura within the Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland) region 

This is a completely funded programme, meaning that it is FREE. There will be no added costs to your school or kura before, during or after the event. If your school missed out on this round, see below for possible options.

What will it look like on the day?

Our Break time programme will have two sessions, with two different designated groups attending at morning tea and lunchtime. Schools will choose a maximum of 100 students to attend, roughly 3-4 classes in each group. 

Children benefit from having at least 45 minutes for a play session, so we are pleased to offer you the option to extend your break times for our visit.  As a guide, we suggest that classes arrive 30 min prior to morning tea time, and 15 minutes prior to lunch time, but we will work with you to finalise the timings that work best for your setting.  

Once arrived, the group will have a very brief introduction to our Junky Monkey play coaches and mentors, a reminder of the 5 rules, and then students will be able to start playing!

Teachers will stay at the programme to observe during curriculum time, and are then welcome to head off at the beginning of break times. We do ask that a duty teacher is allocated to the programme to support with supervision.  At the end of break time, teachers will return to support pack-up and collect students.

Do we need to do anything to prepare?

We’ll need your help to decide on where to set up!  We need a space at least 15m x 15m (the bigger the better) that can be easily accessed by our trailer… preferably grass but blacktop can work well when the grass is too wet.  Trees and hills add to the fun!   We will restrict access to the designated classes by setting up a boundary line, so keep in mind that high traffic areas can be tricky.  

You will decide on which classes to attend so that there is a maximum of 100 students in each break time group. This is completely at your school’s discretion, but we do have a few suggestions:  Junior students tend to have better energy for play in the morning, and keep in mind that you don’t have to group classes together by age… it’s a perfect opportunity for mixed age, tuakana teina interaction across your school.

You will receive a short video to show your students before the scheduled event, highlighting the rules of the programme.   It’s important that the children view this video before visiting Junky Monkeys. 

A handout detailing the ‘Adults Role’ during loose parts play will be emailed to the schools coordinator. This needs to be shared with and read by ALL the teachers and staff attending.

Because students are outside playing during designated eating times, we ask that students have opportunities to eat brain food, snacks, or lunch prior to visiting.

Are the children required to attend, and can other students join in?

For safety reasons only the chosen groups of students who have heard our 5 Junky Monkeys rules will be able to attend. For this reason students will be identified with a Junky Monkeys hand stamp when they arrive. Because choice is a key component of an authentic play experience, if students decide during morning tea and lunchtime to opt for their usual activities instead, that is perfectly fine, but they will be asked to return when the bell goes to help pack up and rejoin their class.   

Who will be supervising the play?  Is it safe?

In preparation for the session our team have completed a RAMS form, daily hazard check, laid out the loose parts and marked off an enclosed area for play with cones.  On session we have two types of employees:

  • Play Mentors check the site for hazards, set up the loose parts, and then stand back to allow children’s undirected play.  They stay alert for hazards that arise and attend to any health and safety concerns immediately.  When children engage in conflict or rough play, Play Mentors are trained in how to choose an appropriate response (e.g. observe, act as a mediator, enforce a consequence).  
  • Play Coaches are responsible for the higher level Health and Safety decisions such as site location, RAMS forms, and decisions related to weather conditions. They have a strong understanding of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and its application to school settings.  Play Coaches are trained in techniques for supporting children with special needs to engage in play, whether physical, behavioural, or cognitive.  In addition to being skilled in activating and facilitating play for all children, they are also experienced and confident with supporting adults in a play environment.     

Can the teachers/leadership come along too?  

During both the morning tea and lunchtime visit, teachers/leadership are encouraged to visit and observe the play in action.  We ask you to stand back and embrace the role of observer; to watch as our Play Mentors and Coaches reinforce boundaries and expectations for safe and respectful play, to view the wide variety of loose parts in action, to be inspired by the play interests of the children, and to observe techniques for managing challenging behaviours when required.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions of our identified Play Coach during the play, offering the opportunity to focus on particular children and share observations, or discuss strategies as a particular situation emerges. 

In between the play sessions, our Play Coach is available for any and all questions from teachers and leadership.  They are invited to visit the site, have a look at the loose parts, and discuss how loose parts could be sustainably delivered onsite. 

We missed out on this round, how do we apply?

Please get in touch if you are interested in a visit from the Break Time programme or our class time programmes.  You may be eligible for Tu Manawa funding if you are decile 4 and below.  The ‘Fast Fund’ option allows for individual schools to submit applications for up to $10,000 with a quick response time of 10-15 working days. Finally, we will be applying for this funding again in 2022, please sign up to our Junky Monkeys newsletter to stay informed. We look forward to hearing from you!

You will need a booking code to access this form.