Over the wintery Term 3, we continue the play by taking Junky Monkeys onto courts, under shelters, and into halls.

This is the perfect programme if you are looking for an experience that gets kids out of classrooms, keeps them active, encourages creative thinking, and brings it all to your doorstep.

This programme is ideal for schools…
  • Who are curious about starting their own loose parts shed, or
  • Are looking for support with their learning through play programme

Price: $1000 plus GST for a full day of play

Please enquire to find out more.

The FABric of Play & Junky Monkeys Collab

The Fabric of Play and Junky Monkeys have partnered to create a wintery sensory experience. In these play sessions, tamariki will have the opportunity to interact with large loose parts and beautifully handcrafted loose parts made from repurposed materials.

This programme is perfect for…

  • ECE and Primary students
  • Students 3-8 years old
  • ECE’s and schools looking for a programme to support transitions to school
  • Community events
  • Activating play in an indoor venue

Price: $1000 plus GST for a full day of play

Please enquire to find out more.

All year round programmes:



Are you wanting to add a unique experience to support and enhance your:

  • Play based learning programme
  • Outdoor classroom or EOTC programme
  • Inquiry or STEM programme
  • Education for sustainability or Enviro schools programme

Junky Monkeys PLAY DAY is the perfect opportunity to gift your tamariki time to PLAY, CREATE, INNOVATE, CONNECT WITH NATURE, and think deeply about SUSTAINABLE ISSUES. 

Our Play DAY programme is for schools, kura, or centres, where we supply the junk and you supply the creative kids hungry for play.

During a PLAY DAY session you will:

  • Watch and learn beside our play facilitators as they set up and manage expectations, coach social and emotional skills, and create an environment where students can lead their learning.
  • Observe engaged, focused, and innovative students at play
  • Recognise the wealth of learning that happens when tamariki play

 Price: $1500 plus GST for a full day OR $1250 plus GST for half a day…Please enquire to find out more.



Our KICKSTARTER programme is for schools who are ready to kickstart their own loose parts offering, OR breathe life into the one they already have.

Our KICKSTARTER programme consists of three steps:

Step 1 – Before 

Schools will be asked to gather a core group of kaiako together, who will receive a 35min online webinar to watch about how to start their own loose parts offering. 

Step 2. During

All schools will receive 1 full day of loose parts play with their students within their own environment. 

Step 3. After

Following their day of play the core team will partake in a face to face workshop from 3.30-4.30pm with our play coach. Here they will start to make commitments to starting their own offering.

Following this, they will be offered a second coaching session at an added cost. Along with a FREE membership to an online group who meet once a term to talk through challenges and celebrations.

Price: $1950 plus GST for all three steps. Added coaching sessions are $300 plus GST per session

Please enquire to find out more.



Over the winter months/term 3 we continue the play by taking Junky Monkeys onto courts, under shelters, and into halls.
This programme is perfect for schools…
  • Who are curious about starting their own loose parts shed
  • Have a learning through play programme
  • Are looking for ways to activate their outdoor areas

This is only available in term 3, and is an affordable way to activate play in schools.

Price: $1000 plus GST for a full day of play

Please enquire to find out more.



Are you looking to activate play and/or increase awareness of waste issues?  Junky Monkeys offers a highly engaging recipe for community engagement and environmental education, with a proven track record for successful activation of public spaces.  You provide access to a suitable public space and we’ll do the rest!

  • An inclusive, gender-neutral activity, appealing to all ages and abilities, 
  • A zero-waste event which lives the values of reduce, reuse, and recycle! 
  • A relaxed environment for families and community members to connect and play, even those who might avoid physical outdoor activities due to lack of fitness or confidence. 

Price: See HERE for a break down of costs.



For schools who have been involved in our KICKSTARTER programme, you may need some ongoing coaching for  gentle accountability and momentum.

Coaching includes:

  • An experienced play coach working alongside you
  • Meeting either face to face or online
  • Coaching individuals or small intimate groups
  • An actionable plan discussed, with commitments made by the team
  • Follow up emails sent to everyone involved listing notes, resources discussed, and steps to achieve commitments
  • Access to our termly zoom korero. Where schools can share journeys, ask questions, and learn from each other experiences

Price: $300 + GST for 1 hr face to face or online coaching sessions

Please note that face to face sessions are only available in the Akld region.






We offer evidence-based, practical and inspiring:

  • talks
  • workshops
  • online learning content
  • coaching 
  • consulting

Our play specialists can either tailor our PD around your needs, or you can choose a topic from the suggested list below:

  • Introduction to loose parts and play
  • Outdoor play and Loose Parts
  • Making loose parts play sustainable in your school, kura or centre
  • Loose parts in public spaces
  • Loose parts and the fight for zero waste
  • The adults role while kids play
  • Loose parts play and schema/urges
  • Planning, assessment, and documentation of loose parts play

Our PD and consulting is suitable for parents, teachers, environmental educators, recreation professionals, or community organisations.

We can work with individuals, teams, or communities across Aotearoa.

Price: Please enquire